I know, it’s been awhile, but hear me out. I am NOT perfect, far from it. Diaries have never really been my thing, and I thought blogging might be. Turns out I was sort of correct. Blogging is hard, making time for blogging is hard. Yet, my thoughts flow easily and it relieves my stress when I do it, so here I am, trying once again.

What prompted me to return to blogging? Big life change. I am moving. To a new country. By myself. Yikes. I am terrified, yet overwhelmingly excited. Those two warring emotions have me feeling all sorts of ways all the time. From spontaneous bursts of tears, to smiling so much my face hurts, to biting someone’s head off for asking a simple question. Maybe writing it all down can help settle my insides.

So, I’m back.


Published by californiagirl

Just a young professional following her dreams wherever they make take her.

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