I am a self-diagnosed morning person. Ew, I know who am I? It took me time to get to this point though-

[Flashback to first semester freshman year of college waking up at 12pm for my 12:30 class and going to bed at 3am because the boy I liked stayed up that late in the common study room doing homework and messing around]

Don’t worry, my mom made sure I kicked those habits over Christmas break. Every since I have been on the road to becoming a morning person, and here I am, I finally did it!

Now that I am a morning person, here is how I stay a morning person.

1. I go to bed early.

Like seriously, grandma early. When I put my puppy to bed at 9pm, I then put myself to bed. My family doesn’t understand this, well they are NOT morning people. Sometimes I will stay up until 10pm, but any later and it sucks to get up in the morning.

2. I get up early.

Shocker that being a morning person means you actually wake up in the “morning”. This means I am up between six and seven a.m. The difference depends on my will to workout in the morning, usually not strong. But, getting up early allows me to jumpstart my day and get things going.

3. I go through my morning bathroom routine.

This includes things like washing my face, moisturizing, putting on sunscreen and lotion, possibly showering. I also throw on my favorite pair of joggers and a tank top to start off the day comfy and happy.

4. I make a rockin breakfast.

Breakfast has become my favorite meal of the day. Usually its a greek yogurt topped with granola, peanut butter toast, fruit, a glass of water, and a steaming cup of tea. I look forward to breakfast every day because I love it. It super easy and quick to make, but tastes delicious and makes me happy. Drinking tea out of a fun mug shaped like a whale never hurts either.

In addition, I also make breakfast for my puppy, who’s excited tail wagging morning greeting always lifts my spirits.

5. I check my planner.

At the start of each day, I check my planner for what I have going on and what needs to get done. I add things to my to do list and cross anything off I completed from the previous day. I am a planner geek, so I also LOVE this part of my day!

Now I can start my day., ready and with a full stomach! So basically, to become a morning person, fill it with things that you love!


Also, having a puppy doesn’t hurt.

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