Best Cafes in Cambridge

If you are looking for some cute, trendy, high-quality, or cozy cafes, Cambridge is the perfect place to be. The city center may seem small, but it is packed with cafes, restaurants, and shops. There are your typical chain cafes like Costa and Cafe Nero, but my favorite places to frequent are the local cafes. Below are my three most frequented cafes in Cambridge that are must-try’s!

Fitzbillies: I may be a bit biased because I live directly above this coffee shop/restaurant, but considering it is very busy all hours of the day, I can’t be the only one who loves. Located on Trumpington Street, this is the perfect stop for drinks right outside the city center. This past fall, Fitzbillies expanded their restaurant to include a cafe right next door for quick orders or a short stay. The seating is limited but tables turn over quickly as its usually a short stop for tourists or locals looking for a caffeine fix and a small snack before heading on their way. The coffee and tea is served in cute blue mugs, a signature color on their to-go cups. I like to pair my tea with one of their signature treats, something they are famous for! I have tried almost all their treats and my favorite by far are the brownies, but the Chelsea Buns are one of their bestsellers too! This place is always packed so I wouldn’t recommend it as a study/work place, but its perfect for meeting up with friends or a quick stop before heading into the city center. If you’re looking for a full meal or afternoon tea, check out the restaurant right next door! Additionally, they have a second location on Bridge Street for anyone north of the city center.

Bould Brothers: Located just off Bridge Street, this local speciality coffee shop will blow you away. The aesthetics alone will put you in a good mood not mention it serves some of the best coffee in Cambridge. The fact that it is always teeming with people is a testament to its great quality coffee and service. There is minimal seating inside and out, but the staff are very friendly and will bring your order across the street where a stone wall makes for a great impromptu table. Or, you can take it to go and wander the streets of Cambridge. Bould Brothers was founded by two brothers who both work at the shop and love greeting customers, taking care to provide both great quality coffee and customer service. So stop by with friends, family, significant others and enjoy a speciality coffee served in the most Instagram-worthy style.

Indigo: This cute and cozy coffee shop is located right off King’s Parade, tucked back in one of the side alleys. It serves delicious teas and coffees as well as sandwiches, toasties, and sweets! They have some seating outdoors which is great when the weather is nice and more seating upstairs that provides a quiet, cozy atmosphere. I would definitely study or read upstairs since it tends not to be too crowded or loud. It’s a great place to meet up with friends, grab a quick drink, or relax in the middle of the city center without all the crazy noise and people. Beware, it is cash only!

There are many other cafes in Cambridge that I have frequented, but these three continue to be my favorites by far. If you’re looking for other options, you can also check out Hot Numbers (two locations), The Old Bicycle Shop, and Tom’s Cakes! Or discover your own place while wandering through Cambridge enjoying all the sites the old city has to offer.

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