Packing Guide: Rome in the Winter

If you’re planning on traveling to Rome with just a carry-on, then I have the perfect packing list. I spent five days in Rome and came with just a backpack (thank you, Ryanair for your harsh restrictions). During December, Rome can be cold, but not too freezing. A good coat is all you need to stay warm. Since it’s a European city, it tends to be on the trendier side of fashion, so leave your athleisure at home. Below you’ll find all you need for a week or less in Rome, or anywhere else in Europe with a similar climate.

Weather in Rome: Dry, 10°C-15°C (50°F-60°F)

Basically, it was chilly but I wasn’t ever cold besides early in the morning.

What I wore on the plane: Heaviest items, but still comfortable

– White Coat

– Black leggings

– Black Sweater

– Sneakers

The rest of the list I packed in my backpack – black North Face Borealis Classic.


– 1 Pair of Jeans – black wide-leg cut-offs

– 1 grey sweater

– 1 white long sleeve

– 1 white short-sleeve crop

– 1 bra

– 1 pair of PJ’s

– 2 pairs of socks

– 6 pairs of underwear


– Toothbrush/Toothpaste

– Hairbrush

– Makeup Wipes

– Moisturiser


– BB Cream

– Mascara

– Blush, Highlighter, Bronzer


– Lonely Planet Guide

– Phone Charger

– Wallet – holds Passport, cards, cash, boarding pass

– Printed Documents – passport, visa, hostel and tour confirmations

– Purse – cross-body; can hold book, wallet, phone, charger

I saved space by re-wearing my jeans and leggings, just mix and matching with different tops. I also brought minimal makeup and toiletries because I was only gone for five days and I wasn’t planning on going anywhere too fancy. Since the flight was short, I was able to re-wear my outfit on the flight back as well, saving space.

My Air Force One’s are comfortable to walk in all day, even on all the old cobblestone streets in Rome, and cute enough to wear out in the evening, so there was no need to pack any other shoes. I only packed one short-sleeve, which I ended up wearing on the warmest day so that worked out.

I brought an extra cross-body bag so I could leave my backpack in the hostel locker during the day. That way I didn’t have to lug around extra weight, but I could still carry what I needed to.

Hopefully, this helps you realise you don’t need as much as you think you do – I say this as a recovering over-packer.

Dana’s Do’s:

  1. Plan what you pack to make the most of your space.
  2. Check the weather ahead of time.
  3. Choose cute but versatile pieces.

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