About Me

Hi! My name is Dana and I am just a west coast girl from California traveling the world, trying to live her best life and maybe write some of it down for someone to read. Will it inspire you? Maybe. Will it help me breathe better? Probably.

In the fall of 2018, I moved across the globe to attend Cambridge University for my master’s degree. It was terrifyingly exciting and I haven’t looked back since! I developed this blog through my journey of grad school, European travel, career building, and London lifestyle. You’ll find tales of my travels, my life, tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way, and practical information to help you become a world traveler as well.

Traveling and exploring new cultures and places in my passion (I was drawn to anthropology for a reason). I try to live by ‘positive vibes’ and ‘go with the flow’, but I also plan incessantly and sometimes am not so nice to myself. Writing about my failures and successes might help me lean more towards the former of those two life attitudes, so please enjoy (or don’t).