Packing Guide: Bahamas Cruise

Planning a spring break cruise and don’t know what to pack? I have you covered!

Bathing suits (duh)

This one is obvious if you’re going on a cruise, but how many should you bring? Well, that depends on how long your cruise is, how light you want to pack, and if you care about wearing the same suit twice. I lie somewhere in the middle of all of these, so for my seven day cruise, I packed three swim suits that were easy to mix and match. That way I didn’t overpack, but I also had enough options to mix it up on my Instagram.

Cover Up

For my coverup, I had a pair of red flowy pants (borrowed from a friend, bought from Target). For the most part, I didn’t need to cover up the top of my bikini on our boat, but I wanted to throw some pants on for some coverage. A cute pair of flowy pants, a lightweight dress, or even a kimono-like shawl will work! My advice would be to find something that can go from the beach to a restaurant so you don’t have to slip into jean shorts with wet bathing suit bottoms.

Sun dress

While this can double as a coverup, it’s also a good idea to bring regular clothes for when you’re not in a swim suit. Such as in the evenings when you’re eating dinner, at an on-board comedy show, or at the various clubs and bars on the cruise ship.

Shorts and Tank Top

For any excursions that don’t require a bathing suit! If you plan on hiking or going to see ruins or anything else remotely athletic, I suggest bringing a pair of shorts and a tank top (very versatile).

Senor Frogs will always have a place in my heart! Worst margaritas ever.

1 nice dinner outfit

There’s usually one nice restaurant on a cruise ship and it’s fun to get dressed up with your friends for one night. I brought a black romper and black heels, still warm weather clothes but nicer than my coverups.

Shoes: Sandals, sneakers, heels

You won’t need much, but sandals/flip flops are a must if you’re going to be by the pool or at the beach all day. Sneakers for any excursions. And heels to complement your nice dinner outfit.

Sunscreen, sunglasses, aloe vera (inevitable)

Sun protection is super important! Especially if you live in a place that hasn’t seen the sun much this winter. Sunscreen is expensive to buy once on board or on a tropical island so I suggest bringing your own. And, as is inevitable, pack some aloe vera for the sunburn. I was so good for the first four days about sunscreen and drinking water, but day five got the better of me and I ended up burning my chest pretty badly. And of course, sunglasses! But beware of falling asleep in them, no one wants those tan lines.

Making sure to stay covered after I got sun burnt but without missing the fun!

Pro-tip: pack less.

Really. I packed a full suitcase for my cruise and used maybe 1/3 of it. But hey, from one chronic overpacker to another – better to be safe than sorry, right? Well, if you pack less clothes you might have room to fit more alcohol so there’s that.

Dana’s Do’s:

  1. Pack sunscreen!
  2. One nice outfit can’t hurt, and it’s actually kind of fun.
  3. You don’t need as much as you think you do.